RC «ObolonSky»: on the shore of the sky

Live in the center of a huge metropolis, and every day you can see from the window no noisy avenue, and wonderful water scenery - this is not a dream of every capital resident? It can easily be realized for those who choose apartments in RC «ObolonSky»!

The new residential complex is located on the banks of the Kirilovsky lake. A stylish trio of 26-storey buildings literally hovers above the city, reflecting on the mirror surface of the water. The simple architecture and predominance of white and blue tones in the processing make the structure an integral part of this picturesque coast. Due to the efforts of the developer, living in this complex of business class is not only nice, but also very comfortable.

RC ObolonSky

In RC «ObolonSky» everything is thought out to the smallest detail: convenient planning of apartments, the presence of underground parking, developed infrastructure, excellent transport interchange - the owners of apartments will not have to worry about anything. The only thing that should be planned in advance - the interior design of the apartment. Art interior design studio "Art-i-Chok" will not only be able to offer unique solutions but also embody the wildest dreams in reality.

The peculiarity of the ObolonSky complex is magnificent panoramas and spacious apartments. We will be able to make the most of these benefits by offering the design of a 1-bedroom apartment in minimalist style or an elite interior design for a 3 or 4 bedroom apartment.

RC ObolonSky

With great experience in designing houses, we are not afraid to take up the design of two-level apartments or VIP-apartments for 6 rooms. Following a single style, our experts will be able to combine all the premises with a common concept and develop a vivid project that will emphasize your status.

Find your style by choosing the design of apartments from the studio «Art-i-Chok»!