We found the studio by accident (in 2015). I needed a design project for my apartment. We went online. I liked the office in Pechersk. Let's go to the office to meet you. Arrived. Very comfortable office. We felt at home. Started to work. The staff are very easy to communicate. Thinly feel the customer. They work with clients on both Saturday and Sunday (very convenient for those who work all week). We were very pleased with the design project, we designed the apartment of our dreams.

Thank you for your work!!!

Now the Artichok Design team is realizing our dream. There is a repair. Special thanks to Inna, Elena, Svetlana, Nikolay and other employees. It is very nice to work. We are always happy to meet, discuss, and decide what to do next. I like that they conduct the project comprehensively, from the beginning (of the design project) to the end of the repair, taking into account the smallest details. No one else needs to be contacted. It's nice to feel that you are in good hands. Thanks to Artichok Design. After the repair is completed, I will unsubscribe.