The residential complex on Antonovich 118 is quite unique even for the center of the capital.

After all, the complex is a real apartment building, the apartments will be rented here, so they get off right away. The best teams of professional architects create this complex, using the best materials and the latest technologies when designing.

The facade of the house, made in the style of art deco represents the architecture of America 30-60 years. According to the plan, the building should look more modern inside. That is why we turned to the best design studios in Kiev for help. With one of them, the Design Studio "Artichok Design" company we are already connected by the experience of working together on interiors, but cooperation on this object exceeded all our expectations.

Great experience and professionalism in the design of apartments, competence, quick resolution of issues arising during the work, responsibility and friendliness of the staff made the cooperation with Design studio "Artichok Design" pleasant, fruitful and effective.

We really liked the creative, but at the same time rational approach to the task, the ability to listen to the client and understand the needs of the target audience. It is nice to see that the work was done with professional knowledge of the business, both in the field of design and from a more technical point of view. Separately, I would like to note that the studio has its own view on the tasks, and this, of course, gave additional chances for the success of the project.

We express our gratitude to the leading architect A. Krivenko and the director of the studio, O. Gaidayenko, for an adequate understanding of the needs of the customer company and for attentive attitude to all our difficult wishes. This once again demonstrates not only the high professionalism of the studio, but also the obvious willingness to work with non-standard tasks.